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How long is a cricket game

As you know that cricket has many tournaments which means that the game is of different types like World cup, 20-20, test cricket, IPL. For all cricket matches, there are different rules and timing this is why one tournament of cricket is different from the other.

It cannot be said that how long a cricket game will be played can only be decided on the basis of the type of tournament. When the match is of short duration then there is a lot of pressure on players, and the match also ends very soon. 

Whereas in matches like test cricket this type of cricket extends up to several days which is longer duration. But the pressure is the same on the players as they have to play to win the game. There are various types of tournaments in cricket depending upon the duration of the tournament.

Twenty20 (T-20)

This is the reason why it is named T20

It is a short game format in terms of the over, it was first introduced by England cricket. In this type of cricket, there are only 20 overs,  as you know that there are 5 balls in each over. This is the reason why it is named T20. 

On the basis of T20, there are world cups also in which many countries participate. There is a high value of this world cup in T20, all cricket teams. T20  is a tournament that has a maximum of 20 overs and is organized by the greatest team ICC. This match lasts for 90 minutes or it can also go for 2 hours. 

This game was made so that it will end soon and spectators will also enjoy watching it both in the stadium as well as on television. Short matches always keep up the interaction and concentration of the viewers. 

Test cricket Match

Test cricket is a match which is of longer duration and ends up not in hours but it takes several days. This match is considered as the highest match standard, it is known as the test match because it tests the mental and physical stress of a player.

In this match, two teams of 11 players play against each other. This match takes almost 5 days but it can last even longer there is no time limit. It is the best test to see the endurance and strength of the player. 

International World cup

This is the cricket match which is carried out at the level of the International, in which cricket teams from all over the world participate. This world cup is organized by the ICC and is a one-day international match. The World Cup takes place once in a four years on the basis of knock-out matches being carried out. The first world cup was held in England. Australia won this match 5 times, India won twice, people enjoy this a lot watching their team and cheering them on the television and in the stadium. In this tournament, each match is very special and interesting.