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History Of England Cricket Team

Learning Rich History Of England Cricket Team

As the importance and significance of cricket in the country have grown, so has the dominance of England cricket team. English cricket team is regarded as the best one globally, and its performance in recent test matches like the Ashes series and World Cup 2017 was exceptional. This is one of the oldest international cricket teams globally. It was founded in 1844 and has played 1015 test matches since then, with an overall win percentage of 42%. This winning percentage accounts for their 10th rank on the all-time list for win percentage.

When did England last win the cricket world cup, which everybody keeps on asking as though having a rich history, they were not able to keep that up?  They have come close to winning the world cup a couple of times in past world cups but never won it.

England In Last Cricket World Cup

When did England last win the cricket world cup

The England cricket team has not been very fortunate when lifting the world cup trophy. They played every single world cup that has been played so far since 1975. The first three world cup was held in England. At that time, England was one of the most influential countries in cricket. It is considered that English people invented cricket. From there, it went all across the globe. However, the world cup performances of England have been poor until the last world cup of 2019 where they won the world cup for the first time, and it was their first-ever major trophy in cricket.

Though they were considered to play dominant cricket, they failed every time to win the world cup. They were also the runner up in three world cups of 1979, 1987 and 1992. However, in the world cup of 2019, they were determined to win the trophy and defeated some of the great teams like South Africa, Pakistan and the West Indies. 

Playing Style of England

The dominance of the England cricket team for over a century now is attributed to the superior playing style that is followed by other teams across the globe. The team has specific playing characteristics that the other teams can easily identify. It is accountable for why the teams like Australia and Australia’s South African counterparts always lose in any test match or world cup.

 The style of play followed by the England cricket team is slightly different from others across the world. They use outfields all over the ground, and they always keep ten men at a time in a bowling circle or in the outfield to prevent boundary hits by batsmen. This is due to their vulnerability towards fast bowling leg-spin bowlers, much like Australian spinner Shane Warne.

The English batsmen lack confidence against speed and bounce, so they prefer to play out the over rather than hitting the bowlers. This causes a huge problem to other teams as they now have to exploit this weakness by making them rotate the strike.

Adjustments And Winning

To tackle fast bowling that seems to be the main problem for England, they adjust their playing style slightly by playing grounded shots instead of aerial shots. The English batsmen make sure that their bat reaches the ball after its bounce. Also, they do not insist on hitting a six with a slow bowler or a medium pacer, as a result of which their team has won most of the games against Australia despite failing to score more runs.

 England does not think of their batting order, and they choose players for a specific match at a time. They do not have a bowling plan and opt to bat first in a strict test match. The result of this approach is that their performances are at best average in the initial stages of a match, where teams normally score huge runs.

But as the game progresses, their batsmen become more confident and perform well. They were able to score very below-par runs against Australia in the third test match, but lack of experience made them unable to deal with Australian pace bowling later.

Some Greatest Players Of England

There have been many great players who showed legendary skills in the international cricket world. The names like Kevin Peterson and James Anderson carried the weight of taking England to succeed. They have been extremely well at batting and bowling respectively.  The present captain of the England’s Cricket team, Joe Root, is also on his way to becoming one of the greatest cricketers in the world.  He has won many series for England as a captain with his exceptional performance.