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Team In Women Cricket

Why Australia is Most Successful Team in Women Cricket?

For some, women’s cricket may seem like a niche sport, and for some, it is exciting enough to give it a try to watch it.  If you’re a sports lover who’s also a feminist, then this is for you. Women’s cricket has long been undervalued and underestimated by male counterparts, but the sport is as popular now as it ever has been. Cricket is a popular sport worldwide, and you can see the women cricket teams gaining fame as cricket is reaching all across the globe.

There have been many challenges which women cricket have faced and overcome to stand equally beside the men cricket team. It has been several since the start of the women cricket team, and there have been many countries that have impressed a lot with their talents. Among them is the well-known country for cricket that is Australia.

History Of Women’s Cricket

women started playing cricket internationally

You will be surprised to hear that women started playing cricket internationally from very early times in the 1930s. As the powerhouse of cricket at that time, England took the initiative to go and play international matches against other’s country teams. So the first match in women’s cricket history was played in 1934 between England and Australia.  Then England also played the matches with the New Zealand team following that year.

With the efforts of cricket playing nations, the women of many different countries have also started taking an interest in playing cricket. The world cup is considered the major tournament in the history of women’s cricket.  It is a pride for every player to participate in it and represent their country. Since the start of the world cup, many teams have shown a lot of potentials to win the cup; Australia did it many times.

Australia In World Cup

The first-ever women world cup was played in 1973, and England hosted it. As a result, England won the first world cup by beating the great Australian team. But the Australians came up strong from that defeat as in the nest three world cup they showed their dominance in cricket by winning Three world cups in a row in 1978, 1982 and 1988. The Australian women’s team managed to win three more world cups and thus is the most successful women’s cricket team in the world cup.

The fact that shocks everyone is that the women world cup was held even before the first men’s world cup. This shows women’s interest in playing cricket and the support they got from their countries.  Nowadays, the popularity of women cricket is not what it used to be in old times.

Why Is Australia Successful In Cricket?

Not only women but Australia is also known for producing talents in men cricket. Australia has been an important part of cricket history and thus has been successfully keeping their tradition to become better every time.  Australia is the source of talents as they managed to up the quality of cricket from grassroots and junior level. They appointed very good coaches to train the junior players to gain their potential.

The country’s awareness programs helped the women come forward and play cricket as a career sport. They were given all the facilities similar to the men cricket team. The country aims to provide equal cricket opportunities to every man and woman to keep on doing well in cricket. That is why it has successfully produced extremely talented players both in men and women cricket. Their effort to become better inspired the other countries to do the same if they want to up their game of cricket.

View On Women Cricket Situation

Women’s cricket is not as popular as men’s cricket because it is less established, and the public has the misconception that it is not as athletic. The truth is the current situation of women’s cricket has not been beneficial for some countries. However, playing at the same level and putting the same efforts as men in international cricket. The women cricket teams salary is very different from that of the men cricket team. Some country’s cricket boards pay very little to the women cricket team, which is considered wrong and demotivating for the player in giving their all for their country.

But as women cricket is now reaching different parts of the world, the viewpoint of people is changing. They are now coming to support their women cricket team, and it is a positive change towards success.

Statistics show that more women are playing cricket internationally than ever before. Women’s cricket is becoming more widespread, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years. There are also many competitions that women can enter, such as Twenty20 and One Day Internationals (ODI).  This is helping women cricket in gaining more exposure and fame.