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Countries with legal betting


Dear readers, do you know which are the online betting sites in India that are legal? According to the regulatory Act which was passed in 1876. It is stated that “All types of gambling games are unauthorized in the country.” But this sentence does not give a clear picture of the aspect.


There are various countries across the globe where betting has been legalized. These countries have set forth rules and regulations and have drawn line to a certain extent:

  • Australia: About 80% of adults in this country are engaged in gambling. Gambling games come in various forms and Australians are just fond of gambling. They are always at the top of the chart when it comes to gambling.
  • United Kingdom: There is especially a law that has been passed in the United Kingdom in 2005 that pertains to gambling only. So, anyone who takes part in gambling has to follow the guidelines put down by the government.
  • South Africa: Initially the country had put a ban on gambling. But, with the change in time the company legalized gambling in 2004. The players have to involve in betting by the legal rules set forth by the government.
  • Sri Lanka: Unlike Australia and United Kingdom this country is still in its developing stage. The gambling industry is keener towards IPL (Indian Premium League) of this country. Thus, it is a country that is not yet nurtured in the field of gambling.
  • New Zealand: The betting law of New Zealand was made in 2003. A very small part of the region involves itself in gambling as per the Act.



As mentioned above gambling is illegal in India. But the law is vague about its various aspects. Thus, online betting has taken over to a great extent. The India Premier League is the major tournament where betting takes place. If an individual is interested to be a part of it, he has to be a member of a community. There is a website called where the players bet on the game. There are various top betting sites in India where betting takes place:

  • Bet365
  • Betway
  • Dafabet
  • LeoVegas
  • 22Bet
  • William Hill
  • 10Cric
  • ComeOn
  • 1xBet

For betting on these websites, you have to create an account on any website or application which he feels to be safe and beneficial. But as said that betting is illegal in India there are various betters that bet through the mode of online betting. There is no such rule or restriction pertaining to online betting. Besides, there are a lot of casinos found in the country. You can take the example of Goa where you can find various casinos.

There are the best betting sites in India. In order to bet you can choose any of them from it. From the above article, you have learnt which betting sites are legal in India and to what extent betting can be done. Betting is not legalized in the country but still, it is a part of it.