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countries that play professional cricket

What is the total number of countries that play professional cricket? 

In total, 106 countries play cricket around the globe (including 12 Full member and 94 Associate member countries). There are twenty teams from Africa, seventeen teams from the Americas, 23 Asian nations, 11 East Asian Pacific nations, and 35 European nations participating in it, making it a very popular sport.

  • Full Members (Test-playing countries)
  • Australia (since 1909, full member)
  • England (since 1909, full member)
  • South Africa (since 1909, full member)
  • India (since 1926, full member)
  • New Zealand (since 1926, full member)
  • West Indies (since 1926, full member)
  • Pakistan (since 1952, full member)
  • Sri Lanka (since 1981, full member)
  • Zimbabwe (since 1992, full member)
  • Bangladesh (since 2000, full member)
  • Afghanistan (since 2017, full member)
  • Ireland (since 2017, full member)

Associate members

ICC members are associate members

A majority of ICC members are associate members. The number of people playing cricket in these areas doesn’t match the demographics yet. Since 1 July 2018, all associate members of the ICC have been eligible to play in T20I matches and from 1 January 2019, men as well. Minnows refer to these countries. Through various qualifying leagues, the top teams are given an opportunity to compete against nations of greater strength in events such as the T20 World Cup.

Odi associate members

Select few associate members were granted ODI status by the ICC as a way to reward other nations that are passionate about cricket. ODI status has been granted to Namibia, Netherlands, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Scotland, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and the U.S.

The game of cricket is for gentlemen. Canada and the USA competed against each other for the first time in 1844.

It was England and Australia who played the first-ever Test match in 1877. Since then, the two teams have remained bitter rivals. A governing body for the game (International Cricket Council) was finally established in 1909. Cricket countries are recognized by this governing body and are accorded their corresponding status. A list of all cricket teams around the world is shown here.

What is the number of cricket teams in the world?

  • COUNTRIES RECOGNIZED AS ICC MEMBERS: Currently, 104 nations are members of the ICC. Among these, 12 nations participate in Test matches. Associating member countries number 92. Cricket has not yet managed to surpass being a global game despite being a popular sport. Therefore, it is plain to see that there is a difference between full members and associate members.
  • FULL MEMBERS: Members of ICC are those cricketing nations whose countries or associations represent their area as governing bodies for cricket. The following nations have not only been awarded Test status by the ICC but also have full voting rights at the meetings. The ICC committee has a total of 12 full members. There have been cricketing superpowers like Australia, South Africa, West Indies, England, Pakistan, and India throughout history. In the 1970s and 1980s, West Indies ruled cricket. Early in the 2000s, Australia dominated. Since 2007, India has ruled cricket. In 2019, England won the World Cup for the first time, who were one of the first cricketing nations. The world champions emerged after a playing history dating back more than 120 years.

Five teams joined as associate members and now have full membership. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka began as associate members. Today, these countries are vital components of world cricket.