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Betting in Badminton: How is it Done?

Betting in sports has become common nowadays. It has become a way of earning money while getting involved in the sport you love. In betting, regardless of the sport, you can place your bet by trusting either on your luck or based on the knowledge of the sport through thorough analysis. However, betting in sports should be based on the knowledge of the game if you want to win. 

Badminton is not a very popular sport like Cricket or Football. Nevertheless, there are many opportunities to win money through badminton betting on matches taking place all over the world. 

Badminton Betting Tips:


Winning money on badminton betting is simple if you have adequate knowledge of the game, its rules, and follow the tips properly. Here are some badminton betting tips to follow while betting.

  • Before placing a bet, know the players in the match.
  • Check their past performance, their records, and stats. 
  • Also, check their current condition and performance. 
  • Study the players’ playing style and strategies on the court against other players.
  • Although climate conditions do not matter in badminton as it is an indoor sport, check the temperature of the room where the match is taking place. In hotter places, the players may get tired sooner than expected. 

Choose the player you are most confident with and place your bet. Following these tips will help you make a more accurate prediction and place a good bet. You can also consult a badminton betting expert for tips and save yourself from the hassle of analyzing everything. 

Types of Bets:

If you look at badminton betting types, there are countless types of betting in this game. The most common type is a straight-up bet or Match winner bet, where you pick the winner of the match straight away. Some of the other types are:

  • Final score
  • The difference of points in sets 
  • Over/under
  • Badminton betting handicap of the game
  • First game-winner.

Betting Websites: 

There are badminton betting sites also these days, so you can place your bets online also. Some popular badminton betting sites are:

  • Bet365
  • Betvictor
  • 888sport
  • Coral
  • PaddyPower
  • BettingRunner
  • Ladbrokes 
  • Betway
  • Betfair
  • Jeetwin

Nowadays, with betting in sports on the rise, there is a badminton betting blog where they give badminton betting tips and write on other related topics. Badminton betting predictions can be made accurately if one carefully notices certain things about the match. These things could be the hall temperature, the air stream, the player’s mentality while playing, the player’s fitness, etc.

Betting Events:

Most badminton betting happens in big tournaments. Badminton betting sites and blogs provide the betting odds and analyze the matches that take place in major sports events such as the Olympics. Serious fans of the sport wait for the big sporting events to bet on and win money. Some of those events are:

  • Olympics: Badminton was included in the Olympics in 1992 but withdrawn in 2008. Bets can no longer be placed in badminton in the Olympics.
  • BWF Super Series: The Badminton World Federation began its two-level annual badminton event in 2006. Since then, a lot of badminton fans have placed bets on BWF matches. 
  • World Championships: Launched in 1977, this is an annual event held to determine the top badminton players. This is a great opportunity for bettors.

So, if you are a betting freak, then you may also try your luck in this sport. Following the above-mentioned tips will help you to win the betting.